Movetivate your kids

The purpose of Moventure is to increase motivation while at the same time, making students active and at the same time learning facts, general knowledge and practicing abilities necessary to learn. We call this to “movetivate“. Below you can see our educational tools. Moventure GO is currently beta-tested, sign up if you’re interested in joining beta-testing.

Will you movetivate?

Being phycially active might improve learning

Researchers have analyzed learning and knowledge levels in 499 children from second and third grade from 12 different elementary schools by adding physical activity in teaching mathematics and spelling. There, it was clearly seen that children in the group that combined physical activity and learning had significantly better results in math speed tests, general math and spelling. This corresponds to four months more learning compared to the control group who did not add physical activity during learning.   The participants were 499 children (average age 8.1 years) from second and third grade out of 12 dutch primary schools. At each school, a class in the second and third classes was randomly assigned to the intervention or control group. The intervention group participated in R&D lessons for 2 years, 22 weeks a year, 3 times a week. The control group participated in regular classroom lessons. The children’s academic performance was measured before the intervention started and after the first and second years of intervention. Academic achievement was measured with 2 mathematical tests (speed and general mathematical skills) and 2 language tests (reading and spelling). *   “Physically Active Math and Language Lessons Improve Academic Achievement: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial” – Marijke J. Mullender-Wijnsma, Esther Hartman, Johannes W. de Greeff, Simone Doolaard, Roel J. Bosker and Chris Visscher  Pediatrics originally published online February 24, 2016;