About Moventure

Together with the muncipality of Enkoping, Karolinska Institutet and Klingberg Lab we designed, initaited and started project “Mer Energi i Hummelsta” (More Energy in the School of Hummelsta). We wanted to examine if and how daily physical activity would affect students social health and their schoolperformance.

During this project we’ve become more and more intrested in how and if learning is improved while beeing physically active. Studies has shown that learning might improve if lessions are designed to be active. It might have been so that evolution has made us more recipient to impressions while we, for example, run for our lives. While doing that needed to process a lot of information and impressions to eventually find a safe place, or remember a good spot for finding food. Later, when in safety, sitting still, there were no need for our brain to function at top speed. Evolution made it an advantage having a brain which is active during activity.

"Sverigeresan" - The Journey of Sweden

While hosting visitors studying our implementation of daily physical activity we’ve often presented an activity called “Sverigeresan”, which can be translated into “The Journey of Sweden”. The students run a stretch of 300m as many times they endured whitin set time limit. After their collaborated distance were plotted onto a map and was displayed outside the locker rooms. This motivated the students to put in a little extra effort while running, but also took them on a journey thorugh Sweden, into and through Europe and then further, giving a great learning in geography. The students could see and understand that their performance gave a viable result and they could also compare their class with others att school. Many visitors became interested in this, and when we siad that one day, this will become digital the answer was -“We’re in!”

Together with the communications agency Haus, we have therefore developed the concept Moventure, and created a digital learning material that will be launched in 2020. Moventure offers the opportunity to increase students’ motivation during certain aspects of the subject sport and health, but also to stimulating, learning break that meets a several of the school’s knowledge requirements. While working with Moventure new ideas of pedagogic activitites came to life and we also created “SpellRun” and ” MathBeat”, our digital platform is now “Moventure GO”

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Moventure Movetivators

Mattias Hertz

P.E teacher, initiater and project managare of "Mer Energi i Hummelsta"

Richard ENgström

Leader and developer of physical active lessons within the project "Mer Energi i Hummelsta"