Moventure GO

A Dutch studie shows that physically active lessons can lead to improved results in math and spelling for children in primary school.
Moventure GO is an application that combines physical activity with subjects such as mathematics and geography.

Moventure GO makes it (more) fun to move and take the class, group or the whole school on a trip around the world - while in real time showing progress, some data and actual position.

Join the journey and create creative learning supported by physical activity. Report interest and become one of the first to join Moventure GO!

Physical activity

Move your classroom to where the physical activity takes place, increase the joy of movement and at the same time teach the students what the world and the surrounding area looks like.

Moventure can be used at any time during school day - a break that provides more than just movement - learns as you move

Step by step, how to Movetivate: 1. Select group 2. Choose which journey to show 3. Enter value for  pushbutton 4. GO Moventure!

Compete against other groups, classes and schools.

Challenge other classes, groups and schools to move on a journey around the world, who comes first? A tool to use by anyone, anytime during school days

In addition to clearly seeing the route groups have “travelled” on the map, results are sent to selected e-mail adresses to be used at other lessions.

40 minutes. 20 students = 100 kilometers

During a 40 min lesson a group of 20 students quite easily cover over 100 kilometers together.

As Movneture GO get more users,  more fun and motivation-enhancing features will be added, for example facts about places/points of interest/cities and countries will be added. It will also be possible to choose a group to compare with in real time (eg the results of the parallel class on the PE-lesson can be shown and thus the students can be motivated to push themselves a little harder).

More wasy to compete

It is also possible to divide the current group into up to four "teams" that can compete against each other at one time. The screen is then split and they are given separate areas or buttons to press for "their team". The displayed distance and number of clicks are displayed separately on the screen.


The first 100 to sign up receive a starting cost of SEK 2000 (including the first year's fee).






Moventure GO

Starting cost 3000SEK (including first year of use)
kr 2000 annually
  • Unlimited number of groups
  • Unlimited number of administrators
  • No restriction in number of journeys

Starting offer

Enrol now. The first 100 to enrol will have a starting-cost of 2000SEK. Starting-cost includes first years fee, thereafter fee is 2000SEK/year which can be ended without period of notice.

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