Example lessons

Four ways to use Movneure GO in teaching, although you will surely find out more ways! (please tell us and share with others!!!)

Use Moventure GO to motivate (movetivate) the group. Increasing effort and at the same time get a picture of the map, both in the near area and globally. For example: At an obstacle course, each student presses the device/phone/ pushbutton at each new lap and the preset value adds to the group’s route. The route is displayed on the unit being used and if the image is projected. For this type of activity, it is advisable to have “constant updates” turned on.

Either as a short movement break, whose sole purpose is movement and maybe some fresh air, or as part of teaching where something is to be discussed/solved/answered.

An example might be: “Explain the water cycle. Two and two, one lap around the school, time limit is ten minutes – when we are back we will draw straws on who’s to report”. The students go and discuss the question, when they return to the classroom they press the screen / button and the value is recorded. In this type of activity it is advisable to update the route at the and of the time limit (in this case 10 minutes) – it motivates everyone to be back within ten minutes to see what progress is made and for their walk to being count for.

The information generated after each Movneture GO activity can be used to work with different areas of mathematics. In the example below, the class works with division.

Distance covered: 114km, number of clicks: 2 280, lap value: 50m, time: 45 minutes, students participating: 23

  • What is the average number of clicks for each student?
  • On average, how many clicks was made every minute?
  • What was the average time for completion one kilometer
  • On average, what distance did each student cover?
The school can create a Movneture Go group called "break", then students can move a predetermined distance on the break and the school will then go further on "Moventure's world trip". A ready-made and customized rest activity to offer. An opportunity for all students who want, but also for students who have nothing to do / someone to be with during this particular break.