How it works

Moventure GO is divided into two different user modes. One for administration and one for lessons/activity. This to make it as easy as possible to get started. Moventure GO can be run from any kind of device, smartphone, tablet and computer.


Create License

In order to use Moventure, your school needs an account. At this time, however, it is only possible to submit a declaration of interest as development of the product is ongoing. Beta-tests are beeing conducted at the moment, if you are interested in beta-testing, please contact us.

2. Add users

As a school administrator, you can add more users. A user is created with name and email address. A password is generated automatically, but can be changed to any password. Each user may also choose a 4-digit pin code used to handle activities in "Lesson Mode".

3. Create groups/classes

A group is created by specifying a group name, the age and number of students. The groups are common to the entire school and there is no limit to how many groups a school can have. All users have access to all groups. You can also add followers to a group. Followers will receive notifications when the group has completed any activity, this is a summary of the current situation and a link to the ongoing and completed challenges. Followers can e.g. be other teachers who teaches the group. Information can be used to make teaching on various subjects more reality based while information somehow is a result of the gruops effort.

4. Set up assignments

An assignment is a stretch between one or more places (waypoints) marked on a map. It can be between the school and the bathhouse, but also a trip through a single country, Europe or the world. It is possible to create different types of assignments. Both assignments where each group runs the assignment individually, but also assignments where the groups' activities are combined, so-called joint assignments. Each mission is visualized onto a map, along with distances and stretches so you can easily follow progress. All users can see all assignments and the idea is to create more fun assignments together.

5. Create activity templates

In order to simplify as much as possible, pre-set templates can be used. These can, for example, consist of school-specific distances, such as a lap around the school, obstacle course in the large gymnasium, etc. A description and a distance per lap are all that need to be specified. This is of course optional and if you prefer to enter the value manually you can do so.

Go Moventure

Now you're ready to Movetivate!

Play Moventure GO

1. Play Moventure GO

Start Moventure in any browser.

2. Choose gruop/gruops

You can run with several groups at the same time in Moventure. You can also run with the same group divided into smaller groups. E.g. if you want to challenge each other within the group at this particular moment, but still work towards a common goal. You can have a maximum of four groups/teams running at the same time. You can also change the number of participants per group if someone in the group eg. is n't there/participating.

3. Choos activity and GO

For each group added, you specify the distance that applies per lap. This can either be entered manually or downloaded from the school's templates. Then just movetivate

Change what assignment that are shown

By default, one of the group's current assignments is displayed, but the user can choose to view another assignment that one of the selected groups is participating in.

Choose activity mode/time settings

If desired, you can set a countdown-timer for the duration of the activity. When the time has expired, laps can no longer be registered. If no timer is set, the clock is displayed.

Quit activity

To end, add gruops och make changes in ongoing activity, user must enter their 4-digit pin-code. Activity are then paused and can easily be resumed, changed or ended.