Spellrun is a simple and fun game which purpose is to practice students spelling and vocabulary whilst being physically active. 

Studies has shown increased learning if learning is combined with physical activity. Spellrun also teaches students to collaborate “student teaches student” is naturally acquired. Spellruns is easy to set up and can be used almost anywhere. Spellrun is a great way for learning both native and foregin languages.

Spellrun consists of 800 magnetic bricks with capital letters, they can attached to whiteboards, steel doors and other magnetic surfaces. Letters come varied frequency depending on language.

Easy to set up

1. Place tiles

Bricks can be places with letters facing up or down. Naturally games takes more time if students are to collect the bricks ”blind”. Looking at lots of bricks is also an alternative, and then turn them face down again, this creates collaboration between students and they need to visualize the word they are searching for a specific brick to. Use students to turn all bricks the right way before starting, turning all bricks takes less than a minute for ten students.

2. Divide into teams

Size om team can vary, three to six students in each group forces everyone to be active. It is important that each team has at least on student who can spell most of the words.

3. Show which words to build

Spellrun can be played in many ways, ”words of the week”, ”find the word”, bulid as many words as possible, build as many words as possible on a chosen theme, build the alphabet etc. Use pictures, written words, gap sentences etc.

4. Rules!

Bricks are collected either that students run and fetch them one at a time (all students run at the same time, but only one brick/student is allowed) while bricks are placed in the middle of the room/hall. Or a certain course needs to be taken and for each lap opne brick can be brought. Collect and spell at them same time, or collect first and the build? How much time? Collecting and spelling ten standard words takes about 20-30 minutes for five students if pickup takes about 15 seconds, unless to many of low frequent letters are used.

Go SpellRun!

If a team is finished they can split up and help other teams. When all teams are finished, or time is up, a great way of learning is to take the whole group to watch, correct and maybe discuss what other teams has written – this is especially worthwhile if words are built on a special theme.

Order SpellRun - 2021 edition

SpellRun’s 800 bricks can be used in up to 60 words, for example, 6 teams can build 10 words each. Numer of team-members can vary, but 4-6 members makes the game works best, requires lots of physical activity and lots of co-operation. Sets ordered before 11 / 12-2020 are expected to be delivered in February 2021 and will come with 10 extra “Moventure tiles” that can be used as “jokers”.

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